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The Flower Matrix by Claudia Hart

The Flower Matrix

November 30, 2017 - January 28, 2018

Gallery 151, NY


Gallery 151 presented Claudia Hart's "The Flower Matrix" mixed reality chamber at Wallplay’s VR “speakeasy” as part of the TRANSFER Gallery's VR Commission.

Hart appropriated computer models taken from the free-online digital repository 3D Warehouse. Combing immersive VR and real world objects, Hart presented hand-thrown ceramics, floor coverings, fabrics, furniture and wallpaper in her installation. The augmented-reality objects were triggered by Hart’s custom Looking Glass augmented app. With the loaded app users could view animations culled from the Flower Matrix embedded in its surfaces.

I was the producer and oversaw space scouting, overall budget, installation and artwork production, VR setup, AR app compatibility, staff and vendors, photography, install/deinstall, and the entire run of the exhibition.

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