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No Vacancy

No Vacancy
Nov 4 - 6, 2016
Brooklyn, NY
ALT ESC celebrated the launch of its first print publication as well as it's 5th digital volume with "No Vacancy" - a three-day long exhibition event. Partly an art show, an art fair, an immersive installation, and a music concert, "No Vacancy" displayed the best of the emerging arts within a DIY context. Selected artists exhibited new media, installations, VR + gaming, projections and videos, and projection mapping.
The exhibition featured 30+ artists, one guest curator, and a musical lineup featuring Slava, Celestial Trax, JX Canon and more.

I was one of two producers for the event and oversaw the space scouting, budget, artist selection and curation, install/deinstall, publication production, staffing, and the entire run of the exhibition.

Alt Esc Vol 1 Publication can be viewed here.


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